Yes, the KAT 'learns' positions  for techniques that are determined by 'movement educators': the coaches, clinicians and athletes.  
BUT... PantherTec does not presume to know  how YOU should swing, or run,  or throw or kick. That is decided by you and your coach, clinician or other movement educator. The experience and knowledge must be provided what we call a movement educator.
In a futre release, the KAT  will be able to store 'your technique' under your user id in the cloud, so you can retieve that 'instruction' for that practice session without a coach or clinician present.  KAT allows users to train technique  AS IF the coach or clinican is there with you. This feature is expected in late 2023.
See examples here: User videos
The KAT is a  teaching tool. You decide what technique you want to teach or learn.  You can self-correct in real time anywhere with a KAT and a mobile device.