Actually, the KAT doesn’t know. It is a tool for movement educators to use  with their athletes and patients.
KAT training is flexible to the moment and to the athlete.
That's the point, its not 'one-size-fits all' instruction.
The KAT doesn't presume to know how YOU should perform your craft. And any good coach knows -  that will change based on all sorts of factors, learning stage, experience, skill being learned, even session- fatigue or season- fatigue can affect how you move. ( See movement variability, and movement adaptation in the Glossary)
The educator determines the movement to be learned.  The app ‘captures’ the movement as the athlete performs it. When the athlete practices, KAT provides immediate audible and/or vibratory feedback in real time to let the athlete FEEL their movements and help them to master their sensorimotor space.