One way to teach a movement is to use Position Sensing (the Position Tab), and Capture multiple points in a swing path, see  critical points in the image below. Then KAT will reward the wearer with feedback at each of those positions DURING a slow motion or skeleton swing.  When the wearer re-creates each of those Target Positions in sequence during in a slow motion swing, they will FEEL the vibrations.
Other teaching modes, such as Habit Break, can alert a wearer with feedback to  prevent an undesired behavior. 
The image above shows  a golf  backswing with 3 Targets, but the KAT can but used to teach a swing, kick, throw, pass, shot,  or static pose.  The patented gradient feedback feature (coming soon) will offer faster more intense feedback as the wearer gets nearer to the Target, much like a car's collision warning system that warns a driver that they are about to hit the trash can.
Also coming soon,  the Movement Sensing feature can capture full speed kinematics and offer vibratory feedback about  the movements timing, speed and sequencing immediately after each rep.