The KAT is ready… now its your turn: 

As a movement educator teaching your craft, you likely already know what movement sensation you would like your athlete to experience. Think about how you would normally create that experience,  how you would bring awareness to a body part or action.    Instead of words, metaphors and analogies to communicate a sensation of movement, you use the KAT to Capture it  and allow the athlete to FIND it themselves. 

Pretend you want to teach the KAT's current position on the table. 
Press the top parameter box, labeled "Angle X"  the border will turn blue.

Now press the blue Capture button to the right of the Target1 text.  A pop up message will ask you to choose Desired or Undesired. Choose desired.

The KAT will begin to beep and vibrate because the KAT is in the desired position you just captured. Now move the KAT anywhere outside of the Target zone,  and the feedback will stop. 

Fill in the blanks below while keeping in mind the desired technique (or undesired technique) you want to address. In this script, the feedback rewards the desired motor behavior.

1. One common mistake in ______________(a sporting movement) is poor_____________  (technique: footwork, posture, preparation).


2. Good technique during _________(action) involves _______________ (describe the movement) because it __________ (faster,  less wasted movement, more power)


3. Some athletes tend to________________(undesired action)  instead of ________________(desired action). 


4. I am using the KAT on the ______________ (body part)  in the _______ Mode, where feedback will be delivered _______ (if or when) the ______ (desired or undesired ) Target is achieved), to alert the wearer to the difference.