Power switch:  To turn on the KAT, slide the black switch toward the USB charging port. The KAT will beep and vibrate a few times.

KAT App Icon: Tap the KAT App icon to open the KAT Connect Screen. Press Connect.

When the KAT is successfully connected,  a blue light on the KAT device will light up briefly, and and Go to Setp button will turn from grey to blue. Press Go to Setup. You'll see the KAT Screen.

Overview of KAT App:

KAT App has everything on one long screen.

  • Black area to View : Displays Graphical View, Use slight scrolling up and down to see Hamburger menu.
  • White area to Do: Shows the controls & has a longer scrolling area to see all the options.



Attach: Anywhere on the body with wristband, or waistband or clip


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