Two ways to get a KAT:

1)  Join the Wait List:  No payment required.  Add your email address to the wait list for the first systems available in our Official Launch later in 2023.  You will get the newsletter announcement with product availability,  cost and terms.   At that point, you can purchase a system or not, you decide.


2) GET KAT:  Be an Early Adopter. Get to try one sooner with discount pricing.  We are offering a limited number of the KAT Systems with certain beta features enabled at an Early Adopter discount and one-year free software  license for the KAT App in IOS or Android.   You will get one year free access to new features as they are released.

At the end of the 30-day trial, you can return the KAT with the pre-paid shipping label, and we will refund the purchase price. 

As an Early Adopter  you will be asked to
Attend a online KAT tutorial to learn how to use the KAT and learn about the upcoming features.  Tell us about your experience, offer your input  and share  your use-cases via periodic online surveys and interviews. 

There are two license options available in our Early Adopter promotion:

 *Custom packages of KAT devices and user Id's can be created for your application.
Email  with your specific needs.


Essentials One - includes 1 KAT device, 1 User ID. 

Best for individual coaches, athletes, clinicians
$499 Early Adopter Pricing
$200 annual single license fee waived for first year 
*price subject to change in official launch

Essentials Plus -  includes 1 KAT device, 1 Account Administrator ID and 5 user ids.   

Best for teams, or individuals, who work with multiple clients.
$699 Early Adopter Pricing
$400 annual group license renewal fee is waived for first year 
*price subject to change official launch

Additional KAT Devices  - $499  (does not include a license, can be any user with existing license)

* All Early Adopter KAT enclosures are individually 3-d printed in our lab in Evergreen, slight variations in color/design are expected.

Note:  Any  user of the KAT system must agree to the Terms and Conditions, and the Privacy Policy of PantherTec in order to use the system.  PantherTec will not store any motion capture or kinematic data. The only storage location for motion capture data in the Early Adopter licenses is on the user's local  mobile device.  The cloud storage/portal development is in progress, and users will have the option to send/store data on our server.  However, this feature will not be available until later in 2023.