The KAT Tutorial teaches you to use the current features of the KAT.

The QuickStart sections  I , II and III  shown in this HelpCenter describe a simple use-case with one KAT device in a single plane with a single target, however adding additional planes and targets, margins of error  and assets can become complex quickly.  So we require every KAT license holder to join a short KAT Onboarding/Tutorial  Zoom session before their license will be activated.

You will learn:

How to use the KAT to  improve an athlete's general Kinesthetic Awareness.

How to use the the KAT to insfluence a specific motor pattern.

How to Add Assets (images, video and soon Audio clips)  to your training sessions.

How to use the graphical overlay and margins of error to help your athletes understand the movement.

How to record data, using the Markers to identify  individual reps, even add subjective data with Thumbtags.

About upcoming features such as  Cued Practice, CoachAnywhere,  the KAT Portal and more.