This free app is the user interface that works with the PantherTec KAT System.  Train Any Movement. Anywhere.  Anytime with just the KAT and your phone. 

 This free app is the user interface that works with the PantherTec KAT System.

The KAT is a portable training system consisting of several small wear-anywhere devices and a mobile app. It is a tool used by movement educators influence movement, allowing the wearer to self-correct. 

You must have a KAT device to do KAT training.  If you do not have a KAT device,  KAT training is not possible. However, this app will link you to the Help Center, where you can learn all about the KAT System, how it works, and the scientific principles behind it.  To order a KAT System,  go to the PantherTec website

KAT Device

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More about KAT:

The body’s sensory-motor system consists of a network of pathways that send information from the body (via mechanoreceptors) and the environment (via visual receptors) to the brain.  The brain interprets and prioritizes those signals to create a ‘model’ of where the body is in space and time.  During movement, the brain commands the muscles to move in a certain way based on this ‘model’.  When the brain’s own model of the body is flawed, the movement itself becomes flawed. 

Key Points: 

  • There is no ‘knowledge’ in the KAT System.  Movement Educators such as clinicians and coaches provide the expertise.
  • Why KAT?  Your client's think are doing ‘that’,  but instead, they are doing ‘this’.   
  • KAT  learns a position or movement WITH the wearer, and then teaches it back with beeps and tactile feedback, in real time.  

 The patented Kinesthetic Awareness Training system  allows the wearer to self-correct the  brain's model in real time.