Activated and Deactivated – when a parameter box IS activated, its border turns blue, AND it  IS considered in the feedback algorithm, when it is deactivated, it is NOT considered.

Asset  - an image, audio clip or video clip  saved in the meta data during a session to add context to the session

Asymmetrical Margins of Error - 

Capture- when the KAT records and stores its own position, default to 1 second, 

Carry case - the small, zippered  padded container  KAT comes in

Desired or Undesired are labels we use to descibe the motor behaviors  (position or movement)  we capture

Feedback algorithm – calculations used to determine whether to deliver feedback (or not)

Helpshift – the portal/chatbot for support all things KAT

Instruction Modes: Instruction, Exploration, Habit Break, Error Comprehension_ see chart below

Margin of error- Slider  allowable ‘wiggle room’ set by the educator surrounding the target position,

Markers  – manually add descriptive timestamps,  into the data to identify points of time along woth bad, neutral r good markers

Movement Educator- the person who holds the specific knowledge in their field who uses the KAT to  change others movement patterns, has the expertise

Multi-KAT  – simultaneously connecting several KATS to a single mobile phone , i. e.  KAT 1 must activate within a specific time span before KAT 2 in their specific positions.

Parameter Box - Left side of app shows  the p lanes, x,y,z – dimensions of the sensors, depends on orientation,  

Parameter box   - square on screen that displays real time data from incoming sensor in each plane. On app, borderof box turns blue when activated, grey when not activated.

Planes, x,y,z – dimensions of the sensors, depends on orientation,

Recent buffer - the mechanism that allows the 10  sec segment of running data to be saved,  and tagged and timestamped AND re-assigned as new target if desired.

Records – is the sessin datta, two types: static data and dynamic data from the session,

Reps – short for individual repetitions of the same movement

Retro capture  - A running buffer,  when a few seconds of data are captured, the app stores a “10sec running window of data” that can be retroactively captured by a gesture on the app(or phone?)

Sample- row of data of all values in the csv data spreadsheet

Sampling rate - a single  KAT  samples at approximately  60Hz

Self educator-  the person who acts as both the Educator and Wearner,  

Settings Configurations - a general term collectively describing angles, speeds, overall margins of error, individual axes activated, margins of error  that are greater than and less than target value

Tabs  -  indicate which behavior to train based on the type of data captured

Target - the position, can be Desired or Undesired depending on the intent of the session

Target cone – the  tcone shaped area that is displayed on the main screen and associated margins of error, and  color coded graphic overlaid on an animated figure to display a visual representation of the margins of error

Timestamp - the time point associated with each KAT sample (row of data points)  sent over Bluetooth

Wearer- the person on whom the KAT is attached